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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.14.08] movie news scifi action fantasy

Word on the AICN beat is that Russian wunderkind Timur Bekmambetov, director of Nightwatch and most recently the biggest, dumbest, and funnest action film of the summer, Wanted, has found his dream project. The best part is, the script for The Red Star, which Bekmambetov currently has under development, also sounds like my dream movie, so I consider today to be a good news day. Based on the graphic novel by Christian Gossett, The Red Star is a sprawling military space opera that the director boasts will be "something between STAR WARS and DR. ZHIVAGO" when completed. Toss in a little Starship Troopers and I'll be total spare opera heaven. Unfortunately "Mr. Beaks" who reviewed the script didn't have much good to say about it but, then again, it doesn't sounds like he has much of a stomach for the genre.

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Guy (14 years ago) Reply

Plus side: The Red Star had amazing visuals. Downside: the Plot was awful, skipping all over the place with woeful dialogue.

This should look fantastic and hopefully will be scripted well. I've got high hopes, Timur hasn't dissapointed so far.

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