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quietearth [DVD News 07.11.08] post apocalyptic movie news dvd

I was just looking again today (for the millionth time) for anything I could find on the next in the Pulse series (the remake of Kairo which not everyone loved) and low and behold, Fangoria got an exclusive look at the dvd covert art and the announcement of the release date which is September 30th. FINALLY! I'm a huge fan of both Kairo and Pulse, and since this will continue on after the remake where what remains of society lives in camps well outside the limits of electronics, I am stoked. What's even better is that Pulse 2 & 3 were reportedly filmed back to back, so I'm betting we won't have long to wait for the third installment. This doesn't have any of the same actors as part 1 (sorry Veronica Mars fans), but who cares, it's post apocalyptic! Now where's that trailer? "The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet. Cities are deserted, technology has been destroyed and the few remaining human beings eschew anything electrical in order to avoid a confrontation with the soulless ghosts that now wander the planet. Most of the ghosts are doomed to a repetitive loop of something they did while they were still despairing humans (a man repeatedly hangs himself, for example), but there are some ghosts so locked in denial, they do not know they are dead. They continue to haunt their homes, wrapped in fear that their souls will soon be torn from them."

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