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quietearth [Celluloid 07.10.08] movie news scifi

From our friend The Gomorrahizer comes word that there's now an English subbed trailer available for the much anticipated continuation of the Guilala kaiju films. If you are a Godzilla an, you will love this! "In the summer of 2008, the G8 Summit is held at Lake Toya, a beautiful resort near the volcano in Hokkaido. At the same time, a Chinese rocket falls onto the island, causing a monster to be born from a spore attached to the rocket. The monster, Guilala, moves toward the summit conference site in pursuit of volcanic energy. The U.S. president proclaims, 'I will never yield to any monsters! Nobody calls me a chicken.' Other leaders reluctantly switch the sign board from 'G8 Summit' to 'Guilala Task Force'. Now they have to terminate Guilala to show their countries' power and prestige. The first mission is a missile attack by Japan, then Italy, Germany, and.... Deadly combat between human beings and the monster from outer space continues. However, when everyone starts to give up, a journalist finds a strange group worshipping the traditional idol at the lakeside." Still no word on a DVD release or this coming stateide yet. Trailer after the break.

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