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quietearth [Celluloid 07.02.08] movie news action

As our friend over at Nippon Cinema pointed out, Gachi-Ban seems to have come out of nowhere and is poised (or trying) to captalise on the success of Miike's Crows Zero. "Born-to-fight tough guy Takumi is part of a fearsome junior high school group of delinquents called “3 Crows” (!?) along with Furuta and Sawamura. After junior high each of the 3 go on to separate high schools and vow to eventually become the leader of their respective territories. Takumi takes the reigns of his school’s gang fairly quickly, but when a psychopath named Jojima comes back from a school suspension and amasses an impressive army of thugs with the intention of taking over the entire area all hell breaks loose." Gachi-Ban is directed by Hideo Jyoujyou and the trailer is after the break, so get ready to enjoy plenty of brawling, bad hair, and bad hats!

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Looks cool!

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