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quietearth [Celluloid 07.01.08] movie trailer news horror

While I can't hear sound at work, I can say it's not hard to notice a creepy young powder-white face staring back at you. Agnès Merlet's Dorothy looks incredible, and while it's opening in France in August, Weinstein has already picked it up for domestic distribution. "Dorothy Mills is suspected of assaulting a young baby in a contemporary but timeless rural village. She is visited by psychiatrist and outsider, Jane, who discovers that Dorothy may not be responsible for her actions and may be possessed by a horrifying and malevolent force. As she helps Dorothy, Jane is confronted with her own past tragedies - and starts to unravel another terrible secret hidden by some of the local villagers." Let's hope we get a gander soon and thanks to our friends over at 24FPS. Link to trailer after the break.

Trailer for Dorothy

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