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quietearth [Celluloid 06.23.08] movie news scifi

We've been eagerly awaiting a copy of Eden Log for a while, and for us, we're going to have to wait a month and a half to get a screener from the distributor, but alas, there's a new trailer, and while it looks quite incredible, it doesn't really show anything new. Well maybe a nekid dude in some mud. "A man regains consciousness at the bottom of a cave. Tolbiac has not got the slightest idea what events brought him there, nor what has happened to the man whose corpse he discovers next to him. The only way to escape the creature that pursues him: climb to the surface through a series of paths with the atmosphere of a graveyard, abandoned by a mysterious organization: Eden Log." It's going to be a while on an R1 DVD release folks, but luckily you can get an R2 from the UK soon. Trailer after the break.

via Film Stalker

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