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quietearth [Celluloid 06.15.08] zombies movie news

Even after going through and translating many forum and blog posts, I still can't find a synopsis. It seems they're keeping it under wraps (they even said so), but what we do know is that it revolves around a young living zombie and the film will be finished this fall. The photography sports a serious flair for old school horror and consequently has a great feel to it. Check out what I mean after the break. Special thanks to Avery for the heads up, you rock dude!

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Triox (14 years ago) Reply

Hello ! My name is Alexis wawerka ! I am the director of "I am a Carrion"... First i wanted to thank you for this article. Secondly "I am a Carrion" is a short film made without a dime by myself and a team of in general 3 person's max. I direct, do the SFX alongside an other make up artist namesd Daniel Guedj. "I am a Carrion" is a zombie comedy about the difficulties of a brand new zombie to stay discret and to manage his food needs. He will pass across many strange events. It's an open tribute to "Creepy magazin" and all the film i love since my childhood. You will see brand new zombie situations and a very colorfull little film. But be aware that's an amateur film, i try do do my best to give this film the best look. Take care and fthanks again...

You can find more infos on my french blog :



couille_de_rat (13 years ago) Reply

It looks AWESOME !

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