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quietearth [Celluloid 06.10.08] movie news drama

Roland Vranik, known for his debut feature Black Brush which won best film at the Hungarian Film Week in 2005, is working on his next with the same production company that brought us Delta, which recently screened at Cannes. The story is a tragicomic, absurd film set in a world where all the screens and means of telecommunication have inexplicably stopped working. Accustomed to spending hours in front of their screens, the characters suffer withdrawal symptoms. It sounds kind of like Ballard's Chronopolis, which incidentally is one of my favorite stories and I wish somebody would make into a film. It's skedded to start shooting in September, and the full synopsis is after the break.

"Centered on three brothers, the story begins a few months after the chaos caused by this irrational situation, as society starts to develop alternative ways of managing lives and infrastructures.

The eldest of the brothers, Henrik, is a former minister who has become an insomniac since the screens ceased to work. Younger brother Vilmos, who runs a fitness salon, kills his wife who has gone mad. But despite this violent act, he continues to lead a normal family life with his two daughters, while his brothers try to help him avoid conviction.

Otto, the youngest of the three, is chief engineer in an energy production factory that he tries to keep in operation, just as he tries to balance his private life between an unhinged mother whose love is overpowering, a needy new girlfriend and his two brothers with their disturbing behaviour. Together or alone, the three brothers have to overcome their personal tragedies while the world collapses around them."

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Hot Fuzz (14 years ago) Reply

Who hasn't daydreamed about this happening? I remember when Y2K was scaring everyone to death I secretly desired complete chaos. Does that make me weird do you think?

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