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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.10.08] movie trailer news action

It's true. You hear a lot about these so called "guilty pleasures" that people have when it comes to films and I for one don't buy it. If you want to spent all day with Z-grade Italian PAW flicks than go ahead; wear it loud and proud! And if you get your jollies from watching over-the-top Luc Besson produced Euro actioners then man up and admit it. The Transporter films made Jason Statham a true star and they're the best films he's been in since working with Guy Ritchie. Well, and Crank of course, a film that Transporter 3 has apparently borrowed from liberally. More after the break.

Allocine got the first look at the teaser and, maybe its the Kahlúa in my coffee talking but, I for one am in the mood for a shot of adrenaline fueled car-fu action. Also, if you're stuck a work throw on the headphones and crank it because The Transporter's got The Stooges along for the ride.

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