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quietearth [Celluloid 06.10.08] movie news scifi horror

From Hiroshi Takahashi, the writer of Sodom The Killer and all the Ring films comes a 34 minute short which as crazy as the title implies. "The story revolves around the Prime Minister as he tries to reform the Japanese constitution. Amidst rising tensions between the US and Japan due to the effects of the reforms on Article 9 (the “no war” clause), the US president is killed by a strange curse. Condoleezza Rice sends a member of the “FBI Spiritual Defense Team” to Japan to investigate. She takes the Prime Minister and his wife to a secret base at Mt. Fuji and a doorway to Hell is opened. Then there’s some spiritual possession, some nukes, and some low-budget odes to “The Sinking of Japan”." Wow, spiritual defense? Nukes? Mt Fuji? Doorway to Hell? I'm in! Trailer after the break!

Thanks to our friend Kevin at Nippon Cinema for the heads up

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