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quietearth [Celluloid 06.09.08] movie anime news scifi

On the heels of reports that Dreamworks will be doing a live action 3d adaptation of Ghost in the Shell comes news that the Japanese are doing an upgrade of the original. It will play in 5 cinemas and includes new visual effects, 3d (although how much is not known), a new soundtrack, and new dubbing. Yes, I do like me some Ghost in the Shell, so I shall be looking forward to this, unlike the upcoming butchery from Spielberg.

Thanks to Ulrik over at AHT for the heads up and the promo reel!

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londin (14 years ago) Reply

Ghost in the Shell 2 sucked though. Oshii butchered Ghost in the Shell. Spieldberg can't be much worse.

At least Spieldberg knows he can't write, which he doesn't. Someone needs to let Oshii know.


Ulrik (14 years ago) Reply

Here's a promo clip for the new 2.0 version:


Denton (14 years ago) Reply

yehhh Spielberg, thats all it needs.. cheap gimmicks and cheesey direction.. yay cant wait.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Gits has three major problems:
- deep characters and storyline
- high expectations (adapted for massive audiences)
- location

I have seen the SAC series and thought that damn, I.G. really knows how to intrigue its fans with good plot twists and deep philosophical issues. Then I thought about how that made me feel, like when I felt good when Section 9 made some progress in the case, and outwitted the bad guys. Then I thought how other similar movies gave me those same feelings. And then, it hit me, Ocean's 11. E.g. Pitt / Damon / Clooney could fit well for the role of Batou. Hell, even Roberts could play Motoko. Kusanagi is a very deep character, and If Spielberg wants to make it good, they need to have some academy-level cast in there. So combine the smoothness of Oceans 11, with the action / suspense of Bladerunner and the drama of Street Kings, and you might have a blockbuster. The location (set in futuristic Japan) might even not be that big an issue, because the story is actually set in a city that is called: New Port City. This could be like the next Hong Kong, so English speaking citizens would be very common.

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