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quietearth [Celluloid 06.05.08] movie news horror action

The Machine Girl just dropped here in the states on DVD this past Tuesday, but the poor Japanese won't be getting it until August 2nd, so in preperation they cut a new trailer with some funk-ey new music. The story is a serious gorefest about a "teenager named Ami who sets out for revenge on a gang of bullies who tortured her little brother to death. She winds up losing an arm along the way, and replaces it with a high-powered gun, à la Rose McGowan in GRINDHOUSE. But she doesn’t stop at one limb; Ami continues to lose body parts and replacing them with more weapons, until she becomes a walking, talking arsenal." Don't miss it! Check it out after the break.

via Nippon Cinema

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Scott (14 years ago) Reply

This is the kind of film that made me happy to be alive and in full possession of my sense of sight. One of the more exciting opening credits sequences in a very long time.

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