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quietearth [Celluloid 06.05.08] movie news horror

Autopsy is scheduled for release later this year from 7 Arts and stars none other then the liquid Terminator himself, Robert Patrick. The story is basically about a girl looking for her boyfriend in a bizarre hospital which has no patients.. "Emily Johnson, her boyfriend Bobby and their friends Clare and Jude are recent college grads driving cross-country, taking a last vacation together before they face the “real” world. An accident leaves them hurt and stranded on a lonely Louisiana road. When the ambulance arrives, it whisks them to Charity Hospital. With a minimal staff and many of its floors empty, the hospital is an eerie place…but that’s only the beginning. The staff is conducting inhuman experiments on helpless patients under the instruction of Dr. Benway, a direct descendant of the infamous New Orleans family that committed atrocities in the 19th century." The entrails hanging reminds me of a scene from Hellraiser Bloodline, this looks really good. Check out the trailer after the break.

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