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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.03.08] zombies movie news scifi

For fans of animation, the Canadian produced CGI television show ReBoot was something of a marvel when it premiered back in 1994. Of course by today’s standards, the herky-jerky characters and blocky aesthetics haven’t aged so well, particularly next to the photo-realism of recent synthespians like those created for Final Fantasy or even Robert Zemekis’ Beowulf. Well on May 30th 2008 at 12:00 am all that changed when Rainmaker Entertainment launched a new website and phase one of a plan to reboot the franchise. Paradigms Lost is to be the first of many online comics that will be followed by 3 feature length films that are under development for release over the next few years.

The coolest thing about Rainmaker’s relaunch however is that, with the help of Candian social networks like Zeros2Heroes and Nexopia, the company used fan art and feedback to help design the look and story. A controversial technique which has already seen one casualty with the risible Snakes on a Plane, it’ll be interesting to see how it helps or hinders the reboot series.

Mainframe is devastated and overrun with Zombinomes, the User is missing, and the entire population is being evacuated to the Super Computer. Worse still, the weakened Guardian Collective is facing viral attacks and uprisings across the entire Net. Turbo blames Bob for this, saying his views on viruses has become widespread and left them weakened. Enzo Matrix, meanwhile, is a star pupil in the Guardian Academy. The viral threat is ended when the Codemasters - first introduced in the episode High Code - pledge their help, offering a firmware named Gnosis. Gnosis is uploaded to every System on the Net, erasing all viruses and ending the crisis. The first issue ends with the Codemasters' Guildmaster activating a "Phase Two" for the implemented Gnosis.

Reboot website

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Krud (14 years ago) Reply


I always look back on it and go ... 'why?'
but now it looks like its getting revamped, i'm pumped!


filmlyfe (13 years ago) Reply

Sweet! Go Canadian cartoons!

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