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"Archangel Alpha is a sci-fi war story of love and loss in a world teetering on the brink of Armageddon." That's the logline to this fantastic looking film which is inspired by anime and sweet Japanese robots. Here's a synopsis: "Three friends (Elena, Alexandra and Grigori) have their relationship pushed to the breaking point when they find themselves on opposite sides of a devastating war. In the midst of the final deciding battle, Grigori is killed by Alex. Elena and Alex are both shot down. They confront each other just as The Beast, a merciless AI weapon, is released onto the battlefield. The Beast goes rogue and turns against both sides, annihilating both armies and initiating a nuclear launch between the warring nations. In the aftermath, Elena and Alex must escape the killing grounds while coming to terms with their actions." Archangel Alpha is currently lensing in Utah with no set release date, and while the spec reel we have for the film after the break shows some low-budget issues (after all, it IS only a spec reel), it shows great potential with the CGI, so check it out!

Archangel Alpha official website

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Avery (14 years ago) Reply

I just had a 'geek-gasm'!!


FireRodanAndPatriots (12 years ago) Reply

Epic. Just Epic

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