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Christopher Webster [DVD News 05.29.08] Tuvalu news dvd

After Twin Peaks became a smash hit on television, David Lynch tried his luck again with Hotel Room, a very short lived (3 episodes if I remember right) and surreal HBO show that ran in 1993. Sort of constructed like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, or the Twilight Zone, each episode of Hotel Room would chronicle a different life of someone from 1936 to 1993 who stayed overnight at a New York City hotel room. The hotel room undergoes minor changes through the century, but the employees of the hotel remain unchanged, never aging. The show flopped, some say due to a second episode which was unwatchable, and has remained forgotten for many years... until now. According to Twin Peaks Archive, David Lynch has confirmed in a live appearance that he is indeed working on features for an eventual DVD release. They're a little vague on where this was confirmed but we're currently looking into it. Anyway, not huge news by any means but for Lynch completeists this will no doubt be cause for much celebration.

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