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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.28.08] movie trailer news scifi action dystopic

This stunning first trailer for Fyodor Bondarchuk's science fiction epic Inhabited Island just made the film one of my most anticipated releases of 2008, not to mention make me wish I spoke Russian. Far more baroque looking than the first two teasers made it out to be, the world of Inhabited Island looks incredibly expansive, alive and full of colorful characters. The trailer also features a floury of action money shots that show exactly why this is the most expensive Russian film in history and why everyone has been so thirsty for more info on the production. Check it out after the break.

Our old article with synopsis and stills

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G.H. (13 years ago) Reply

That looks 7 kinds of awesome, despite the main character's resemblence to Dee Snider. Or maybe because of it? And were those werewolves?


Ivan (13 years ago) Reply

As far as I remember in the book there were some creatures... mix between man and wolf. But they are not werewolves... I don't know how they are implemented in the film, because I can't see the trailer right now.

If I go even further in my memories, I can remember that in one of the books (few books are based on this universe) they where friendly... and can talk.

Really, my memories are faded, so don't take it as a fact.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

By the way, is this supposed to be the first part? Because the title on the site with the stills says "Inhabited Island. First Movie", as far as I understand Russian (not much).

I think that this will suck (just see the gay blond guy...). Like most of the recent Russian movies it will try to mimic American big budget block busters. Better read the book first. I'm sure that it will be liked by all PA fans.


SeeminglySquare (13 years ago) Reply

Looks exciting! I've been generally impressed with Russian films recently. I watched Night Watch enough I should be able to speak Russian by now.

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