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quietearth [Celluloid 05.28.08] movie news scifi action

Wow, it's hard to find info on this even though it looks quite incredible, but we do know it's based on a novel by Vasily Golovacheva and filming was recently completed. From what I can make out in the poor translation which is available after the break, some military guys die while transporting some superweapon which turns people into zombies, but this superagent Matvei Sobolev lives and decides to quit. He doesn't want to be a pawn anymore. Then some evil guy wants the weapon to seize power, and of course Matvei is the only one who can stop him. Matvei meets up with some journalist (most likely very hot) and from there I can't make heads nor tails as it talks about special powers and fighting the establishment. Anyways, check out the 3 teasers after the break, they're friggin awesome!

"According to official figures superagent Military Counterintelligence Matvei Sobolev died during transportation psihotronnogo sophisticated weapons, to turn people into zombies. Matvei survived, but took a decision to quit the game, not to be a pawn in the hands of more powerful of this world.

His quiet life away from the big cases violates the news that the weapons stolen his former XENYX, and now an influential man, George Kurylo. Qurei intends to use this weapon to seize power in the country. And he does not act by itself - for him to face some mysterious dark forces… Matvei understands that he - the only one who can stop Kurylo.

In Moscow, fate brings Matveya with journalist Christine. Between young people emerging sense. But it turns out that people Kurylo are hunting for Christine because her hands were facts, which should not be anybody to know more ...

Meanwhile Matveya comes from another strange friend - someone Gorshin, has the ability sverhcheloveka. He suggested Matveyu join the ranks Chistilschikov, fighters powerful organisation "Stopkrim", has declared its aim of total eradication of crime and corruption in the country. But Matveya nastorazhivayut anti Chistilschikov.

Gradually, Matvei understands that the political forces facing games that exist outside the world of people. To combat this enemy, it will have to overcome a pain and fear, to develop the ability sverhcheloveka, enter into Inner Circle Keepers, acquire powerful patrons, to understand that to let the Light is only through genuine Love. And play a decisive role in the battle between the forces Vysshimi Dobra and Evil people in the world!"

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Cyberhal (12 years ago) Reply

this looks great. Does anyone know if there are any films about that massive meteor (spaceship) that crashed into Siberia about 100 years ago?

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