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quietearth [Celluloid 05.24.08] movie news drama

For those who don't know, Aaron Woodley is the nephew of David Cronenberg, yeah that David Cronenberg. His first film, Rhinoceres Eyes, was phenomenal and I highly recommend it, it starred Michael Pitt who was in Funny Games. Well now comes word via Twitch that theres a website up and a couple clips available for his new film Tennessee which stars Mariah Carey. Yeah I know what your thinking, Miss Thang? It's actually quite surprising but it looks good, and of course the photography is just incredible. Here's a synopsis: "Carter (Rothenberg) and his younger brother Ellis (Peck) embark on a journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to find their estranged father-a trip which might hold Ellis's life in the balance." Link to website and 2 clips after the break.

Tennessee official website

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