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quietearth [Celluloid 05.23.08] movie news drama crime

Is Hungarian film on the rise, what with AROG, Sorsvonalak, and films like The Investigator? I sure hope so, the more foreign input into genre films, the better for all of us! I've been working on getting this trailer for quite some time after reading that it won a slew of awards at the Hungarian Film Week, the most important national film festival in Hungary, and I was finally able to get a copy the other day courtesy of director Attila Galambos and production manager Orsolya Bánki. "Tibor Malkáv kills a complete stranger to save his own mother. Tibor Malkáv murders Ferenc Szirmai. He receives the money and everything seems to be fine but next day Tibor Malkáv receives a letter from Ferenc Szirmai. They turn out to be no strangers at all. Tibor Malkáv is in trouble. He must find out who hired him if he would like to avoid being punished for what he did. Tibor Malkáv is a pathologist. Tibor Malkáv starts to follow a dead man to find out surprising things about himself." This is the exact same trailer used for sales at Cannes, and not only does it look fascinating, it doesn't give away the entire film, in fact even with the synopsis it looks quite cryptic.

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drlaza (12 years ago) Reply

its so weird i hear about hungarian films here because i am hungarian as well. lol i used to surf the internet all the time, but this site is far the best introducing this kind of films. thanks


Cordelia (11 years ago) Reply

Brilliant film, saw it at Cinequest San Jose last week on my birthday. Brilliant and fun.

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