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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.21.08] movie news

Because QE would have been completely overrun by all the bloody remake news this week we thought we'd make this edition of Multiple Personality Disorder heavy on the eighties nostalgia. Seriously, are all of my favorite 80s films going to be remade one day? I mean sure, I can see why studios would look to cartoons like Transformers or Thundercats to make live action films as we now have the technology to expand on their worlds but do I really want another version of Red Dawn or Robocop as much as MGM thinks I do? Not only that, but after investing in like 5 Highlander films and a couple of TV series' do fans of the franchise want to start all over again with the proposed reboot by Summit Entertainment and the writers behind Iron Man? But it hasn't all been iffy remake news as we're actually really excited about the prospects of both Dreamworks remaking Japanese zombie drama Yomigaeri, and Sony winning the big Flash Gordon bidding war. Because, if any property was in desperate need of a reboot it's the sorely-mistreated-in-the-eighties Flash Gordon property (football fight anyone?). Of course there was also some non-remake news that surfaced today including word that producer/director extrordinaire, Guillermo Del Toro, would be adapting Hater based on David Moody's 2006 novel while the Weinstein Company is announced it would be remaking the infamous Thai horror flick 13 Beloved. Links to full stories after the break.

Guillermo Del Toro to make Hater based on book.
Weinstein to remake Thai horror 13 Beloved.

viaHollywood Reporter
via Hollywood Reporter
via Variety
via Variety
via Variety
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Awesome poster... bad movie.


G.H. (14 years ago) Reply


...I'm done.


agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

Turn it into something else... turn it into something else!

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