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quietearth [Celluloid 05.16.08] movie news horror

I ran across this yesterday making my usual rounds so I got in touch with director George Bonilla who we've had extensive dealings with, and he was king enough to send us a press kit. You ask, why am I so interested in this low budget production? Simply because Zombie Planet was not only a great post apocalyptic film, it also had some great fight choreography and everyone involved took it dead seriously. I've also had the chance to see Zombie Planet 2 and I hope someday that will come out because it's not currently available. "Hell-ephone tells th story of a prank gone horribly wrong. Making prank phone calls during funerals, a group of young people try and convince whoemever answers the phoen that they are the deceased calling from the other side. They attempt the most ambitious hell-ephone call yet, the funeral of The Seamonster, the most prolific serial killer of our time. The prank goes wrong when the Seamonster's mother drops dead after taking the call. When kids start showing up dead, Police Detective Mike Stone is convinced the Seamonster has come back from the dead to avenge his mother. However, the rest of the police force doesn't buy into that theory." The film stars Friday the 13th's original Jason, Ari Lehman, and is currently in production. Release is scheduled for later this year. Check after the break for another poster, but be careful, it's NSFW.

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Misty (14 years ago) Reply

I LOVE the fact that my pic was used for this... George is a genious with horror productions and it was indeed an honor to work with his and his crew. Thank you for the kind words! You're gonna' love this one once it's released! I bloody promise! ;)

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