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quietearth [Celluloid 05.15.08] movie news horror comedy

Twitch snagged the poster art for this the other day, beating us to it as we've been watching the production companies website just waiting for it, but alas, here we have better news. Phil Claydon (Alone) will be directing this horror comedy about two male leads stuck in a village where all the women have been enslaved by a vampire curse. Wow, that sounds like fun to me! The screenplay is written by James Corden and Ruth Jones who did the hit Brit show "Gavin and Stacey". While that's all the news there is, we do know that production starts next Monday! Full synopsis after the break.

"Eternal slacker Jimmy Maclaren and his friend, Fletch, are enjoying a walking holiday on The Moors. Thanks to an unfortunate series of events, they find themselves stuck in a remote cottage with a camper-van full of sexy foreign student girls, besieged by a hungry army of lascivious lesbian vampires.

Can they make it till dawn or will the Sapphic soul suckers bleed them dry?

The two friends have been sent to this desolate outpost as human sacrifices by the local townspeople - a group of terrified men, whose women have all been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse placed on their village by Carmilla the Lesbian Vampire Queen. Soon after the curse was cast, Carmilla was executed by 17th Century vampire hunter Baron Wolfgang Maclaren ... who, by coincidence, was Jimmy's great, great grandfather.

Back in the cottage, the army of the undead prove they have a bloodlust when the moon is full, matched only by their lust for the flesh of other women! As the pretty travelers are picked off one-by-one, joining the ranks of the undead, Jimmy and student Lotte are captured by the lesbian vampires who plan to use their blood to resurrect the spirit of Carmilla, their Vampire Queen! It's up to Jimmy's good-for-nothing best friend Fletch, and his newfound ally - a disgruntled local vicar - to save them all before sunrise.

Armed with the sword of long-dead vampire slayer Wolfgang Maclaren, Fletch and the vicar track down their preternatural prey to Carmilla's mansion lair, and a life or death battle ensues. Jimmy and the last remaining girl, Lotte, are saved, the vampires slain and their curse lifted forever! Now all that is left for our heroes to do is rebuild their lives and embrace their newfound destiny."

via Variety

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Cyberhal (12 years ago) Reply



logboy (12 years ago) Reply

gavin and stacey is written by james corden and ruth jones - not corden and horne, who are both actors in that show and in this film.

ruth jones is known as part of the cast of the excellent 'nighty night', as well as 'little britain' and 'saxondale'...
she's was much more obvious face than corden until very recently - the rumours about him banging lilly allen help people become aware of him, and despite how it's not exactly groundbreaking, original or particularly smart, it is at least a rare example of a british comedy film. as usual, they tend broadly to be shit. horne starred alongside catherine tate in her recent sketch shows, before she switched to 'doctor who' - he's quite good too.

personally, i can see this film being sold on the duo's suddenly rise to "yeah, i always knew it was good" popularity after 'gavin and stacey' went from being another BBC Three nondesript and firmly under-the-radar show to being a winner of awards and sudden wider awareness / acclaim.


quietearth (12 years ago) Reply

cut-n-paste error, thanks logboy.


Andii (12 years ago) Reply

James didn't write the script either. I had the pleasure of working on this film and I've met the writers. Neither of them are James Corden who co-stars.

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