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quietearth [Celluloid 05.07.08] movie news horror

Filmed on a micro-budget, Mum and Dad is a horror film written and directed by Steven Sheil that will be playing the upcoming Edinburgh International Film Festival. While there's no footage and all I could find was a poster and synopsis, the premise sounds far too good to pass up. The title of this article is just how the director describes his film, and I for one want to see more. Here's a synopsis: "Finding herself stranded after work one night, airport cleaner Lena accepts an offer of help from perky colleague Birdie, who lives nearby with her closeknit family. But Birdie's front door proves to be the gateway to a very British sort of nightmare … This genuinely shocking, darkly witty Brit horror pushes all the boundaries – as well as offering a troubling alternative explanation for the recent chaos at a certain new flight terminal. Contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing." Hopefully there will be more to come soon!

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