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quietearth [Celluloid 05.05.08] movie news drama biography

We reported on this film way back in December at which time I couldn't find any distribution information, but looking around it seems that it premiered on IFC (which I don't get) last Thursday, May 1st and there's a trailer to go along with it. Based on a play, the screenplay is written and directed by Noah Buschel with Tate Donavan starring as Neal Cassady and Glenn Fitzgerald as Jack Kerouac. It's basically a "man behind the myth" story from both the wild and lost sides of the man. "How do you live up to being Dean Moriarty? Neal Cassady follows the tumultuous life of the Cassady as he goes from his trip with Jack Kerouac on the road to literary stardom, a friendship with Ken Kesey and membership in the Merry Pranksters, toward a downward spiral into drugs and self loathing. Brilliantly acted by Donovan, Fitzgerald, and Bauer the film wonderfully evokes life in 50s and 60s America and the downfall of a uniqley American figure." Hopefully this will be hitting DVD sometime soon. Trailer after the break.

Better resolution trailer here

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Rubhen (13 years ago) Reply

Hi any one have any idea about the launch of the dvd?

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