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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.01.08] movie trailer news horror

We've seen some pretty bad zombie westerns come and go over the years but Gallowwalker, starring recently incarcerated Wesley Snipes, looks just whacked out enough to work. The make-up FX alone look worth the price of admission and seeing Snipes shrouded in dreds and in a role very much outside of his usual high-gloss comfort zone makes Gallowwalker down right intriguing for us. Well after months of following the film's production blog, riffling through a whole slew of awesome behind the scenes photos and production art, a trailer has finally emerged. That plus some stills and the synopsis are after the break.

Synopsis: "A mysterious gunman, Aman, is the son of a nun who breaks her covenant with God to ensure his survival. This act brings a curse upon Aman - all those that die by his gun will return. Soon, he is hunted by a gang of his undead former victims, led by the vicious Kansa. Aman enlists Fabulos, a new young warrior, to fight by his side."

Gallowwalker website

News via DC

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Cyberhal (14 years ago) Reply

I think this will be very brilliant or very bad.


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

I agree, I'm sitting on the fence just hoping it's as awesome as it can be.


sonaboy (14 years ago) Reply

ugh...STOP with the weak-ass nu-metal soundtrack. music like that ruins almost every other trailer I ever see. so sick of it.


drlaza (14 years ago) Reply

the sounds are poor i think, as i played many and many action games, i can recognize the sounds of weapons from those shooters like counterstrike..
will watch just because wesley snipes plays in it, i hope he didnt sell his ass for a shit film like clive oven did in shoot'em up

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