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The Seattle International Film Festival is coming up soon, running from May 22nd to June 15th, and it's got quite a load. There will be 418 films playing with 43 world premieres. I have to say I'm excited to see what the full lineup will bring as one of my favorite films, One Day Like Rain by Paul Todisco, premiered at SIFF, and another one we've been tracking, Sweet Thing by Joe Lia. I also just noticed that the Italian scifi comedy Apollo 54 which we reviewed a while back will also be playing! I can't wait to go through the list, but anyways folks we're in need of someone to provide coverage for us, so if you're another film site with a press pass who wouldn't mind doing some cross posting or just a local film nut, please drop us a line! Partial lineup after the break.

New American Cinema
“The 27 Club,” directed by Erica Dunton (2008)
“American Son,” directed by Neil Abramson (2008)
“The Bluetooth Virgin,” directed by Russell Brown (2008) (World Premiere)
“Dream Boy,” directed by James Bolton (2007) (US Premiere)
“Em,” directed by Tony Barbieri (2007) (World Premiere)
“My Effortless Brilliance,” directed by Lynn Shelton (2008)
“Mysteries of Pittsburgh,” directed by Rawson Thurber (2007)
“Visioneers,” directed by Jared Drake (2008) (World Premiere)

New Directors Showcase
“Apollo 54,” directed by Giordano Giulivi (Italy, 2007)
“Captain Ahab”, directed by Phillippe Ramos (France, 2007) (North American Premiere)
“Cochochi,” directed by Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán (Mexico, 2007)
“Everything is Fine,” directed by Yves-Christian Fournier (Candada, 2007) (US Premiere)
“Mermaid,” directed by Anna Melikyan (Russia, 2007)
“Postcards from Leningrad,” directed by Mariana Rondón (Venezuela, 2007)
“The Red Awn,” directed by Cai Shangjun (China, 2007) (North American Premiere)
“Seach’d: The Crimson Snowdrop,” directed by Simon Miller (Scotland, 2007) (US Premiere)

Documentary Competition
“Accelerating America,” directed by Timothy Hotchner (USA, 2007)
“Combalimon,” directed by Raphaël Mathié (France, 2007) (US Premiere)
“Derek,” directed by Isaac Julien (United Kingdom, 2008)
“Fairytale of Kathmandu,” directed by Neasa Ní Chianáin (United Kingdom, 2007) (North American Premiere)
“Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go,” directed by Kim Longinotto (United Kingdom, 2007) (US Premiere)
“In Search of Kennedy,” directed by Chuck Workman (USA, 2008) (World Premiere)
“Shadow of the Holy Book,” directed by Arto Halonen (Finland, 2007) (US Premiere)
“Trouble the Water,” directed by Tia Lessin, Carl Deal (USA, 2007)

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