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quietearth [Celluloid 04.30.08] movie news crime

The Triad (Chinese Mafia), the body cleanup guy and a double cross Charles Bronson Mechanic style? Heck, you had me at Triad. While I don't expect this to be as low-ranking on the mafia tentpole as Donnie Brasco, I am looking forward to a bit of behind the scenes action and hope this sticks with the gangster aspect. No skedded release date as of yet, synopsis after the break.

"A gunman always ranks high on a triad society's duty roster. Probably it is because they resolve difficult issues with a quick gunshot. But who takes care of the mess afterwards? It is the 'Button Man', who cleans up the crime scene, gets rid of the body, and eliminates all evidence.

Button Man's assistant 'Doctor' was killed when he messed up an organ trading deal. Losing his ambition, Button Man buried his best friend and wanted to leave forever after he trained his successor. He was shocked to find out an affair between his student and his woman, and his student's first job was to get rid of his body! Button Man couldn't escape. On the contrary, he was just stepping deeper and deeper...

In real life, Button Man has a second identity. His real character was eventually exposed..."

via KFCCinema

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