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quietearth [Celluloid 04.27.08] movie news thriller

I figure it was only a matter of time on this one. For those who've read the short story Dolan's Cadillac out of Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes, you'll probably be as excited as I am. Christian Slater is set to play mafioso Dolan and Wes Bentley is set to play the teacher in this revenge thriller that takes you right down to the wire. The story is about a man (Wes Bentley) out to get revenge for the murder of his wife by Las Vegas mob boss Dolan. The film will be directed by Erik Canuel whose done a few Quebec films, including "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" and "The Outlander", none of which I've seen, but if the dudes pictures to the right is any indication, it'll be as crazy.

via Hollywood Reporter

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zompete (14 years ago) Reply

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. this thig starts filming next month, it should be interesting. As for the director, well his photo is crazier than his films, they're just o.k. It seems as though as a genre director he has done more t.v. than anything. My buddy id scouting for the cadillac shoot, so I'll try to keep you posted with pics. Great site by the way.


zompete (13 years ago) Reply

Update. Well this production has wrapped for some time now. I lost all interest in it as the original director dropped out, and was replaced by someone who could only have gotten the gig by being in the right place at the right time. The new director is Jeff Beesley ( )

A local guy that has next to none genre experience and of late has only done made in Saskatchewan tv sitcoms. well there it is, a good chance that yet another Stephen King story gets a mediocre film production. Take care.



calyiah (13 years ago) Reply

i did not get this story at all and you need to re- do it so us not so smart people can get the book

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