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quietearth [Celluloid 04.24.08] movie news horror

This just had it's premier at BIFFF at the end of March so I don't know how we missed it, but it's Manu Gomez first feature in 10 years, and his first live action film as he's famous for his animation. It's about a monk and a young baroness who he falls for, but little does he know that her father is a satantic priest, and well you can just check out the trailer. Be warned, it's after the break and it's NSFW!

"Abbot Donato thought he could lead a quit and tranquil life, far away from temptation, in the remote little village of Sainte-Urulle. But temptation is just around the corner. The Baroness de Bailleux, a young aristocratic nymphomaniac, has laid her eyes on the handsome monk. Falling for her ample charms, Donato discovers that she’s also the muse of Father Debruges, a satanic priest who resides in a neighboring village and the mistress of a sadomasochistic psychiatrist. When Donato becomes the playtoy of the Baroness and the priest, he enters an infernal spiral which will lead him beyond the limits of morality and madness."

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