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Christopher Webster [DVD News 04.24.08] movie news dvd

If you're anything like me then you can smell the stench of a rancid bare bones DVD release from a mile away and somehow manage to quell all your more elaborate fanboy desires in order to hold off shelling out 20 clams until a more impressive set inevitably becomes available. Some classic examples of DVD abstinence that have proven worthwhile for me in the past include "Brazil" (now available in 3 discs), "The Martix" (10 discs), "Aliens" (9 discs), "Seven Samurai" (3 discs), Blade Runner (5 discs) and so on. So you can just imagine what it's been like passing on Kill Bill all these years knowing full well that there's no way a studio would pass up the money that could be made off of a Kill Bill double dip. Well, word around movie town is that Tarantino's much anticipated and much speculated upon uber Bill Bill DVD box might be on the horizon after all. Details after the jumperoony.

In a recent interview about the Kill Bill project Uma Thurman teased that; “Right now he’s putting the two films together with an intermission with an added anime sequence he had already written... So additional stories are in there, in animation.” She further went on to explain that the additional sequences have nothing to do with the ongoing saga of Beatrix Kiddo (aka The Bride) and that “It has to do with another character" and that "it'll blow you away." We're thinking maybe a Bill prequel of sorts ourselves but we'll see.

So, there you have it folks. It sounds like we're all one step closer to getting our grubby geek fingers on a copy of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair after all. How does that grab you?

via MTV

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BarbarPappa (12 years ago) Reply

But then they'll probably release another special collectors edition for the new version with more extras on that too.

The madness will never end! :S

This sounds really cool though.


Ardvark (12 years ago) Reply

Here's hoping!
It might be worthwhile to check the Production-IG website now-and-then, if they are going to do that anime sequence (they did the one that's already in there...).

Hopefully it will get released and be as glrious as that Japanese Grindhouse set I reviewed on Twitch!


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Speaking of the Japanese. The Japanese release of Kill Bill is a whole other story of total unfairness. It has not only been released over there as a sweet box, but also includes the House of Blue Leaves sequence as it was originally color. It was considered way too bloody for us impressionable westerners to take so instead of cutting it QT just made it B&W.

So to all those people who thought he was being all artsy or referencing something by going black and white I hate to crush the myth. He was just avoiding a cut to the scene.


Cyberhal (12 years ago) Reply

the japanese just bought out a cell phone that gives you an alcohol breathlyzer test, that's how much we're denied here


Not Scott Bakula (12 years ago) Reply

Bad ass. I've passed on the bare bones' so many times it's physically and psychologically painful.

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