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quietearth [Celluloid 04.23.08] movie news scifi animation noir

Wow, I just ran across this and I have to say, this has got some flavor! Based on the short film, Rashad Redic will be doing the works on this feature length adaptation which will be called Ultraviolent: The Beginning. It combines elements of film noir with science fiction into something in the vein of "28 Days Later, "Akira", and "Ghost in the Shell", so yes, it will be animated. IFC picked this up way back in 2006 and we don't have any further info beyond that, but let me just say, if the trailer for the short (after the break) is any indication, then this will be right awesome!

From the press release:

"Simeon Rockwell is a man who becomes infected with a spiritual disease. His past and now this disease, forces Simeon to wrestle with his own inner demons and help rid the world of this virus. Simeon is aided by a beautiful female Jazz Singer named Satia Niall, who helps him in understanding his place in the greater struggle of mankind. Simeon realizes that time is running out and he must act fast to stop the spiritual predator who wants to bring about the downfall of society. During the course of this adventure, Simeon and Satia both change, as they bring out the best in each other; and eventually fall in love."

The reality-world of ultraviolent is set in Aeternus, a dark and chaotic future, that possesses a film noir feel. There is still a glimmer of beauty in the locales of this world of “Ultraviolent.” All the elements--plot, dialog, and situations have a sense of urgency to them, broken up with beats of humor.


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