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quietearth [Celluloid 04.23.08] movie news scifi

Well one flick I've been keeping my eye on didn't get mentioned in the official announcement, but it did get an article in Variety Asia's Kaiju shakedown. This is a sequel to the terrible 1967 film X FROM OUT SPACE and it won't be using CGI, instead favoring old school miniature techniques. Minoru Kawasaki directed this kaiju film which is listed as "political satire", and unfortunately there is no trailer yet. Also screening will be Fumihiko Sori's ICHI, and KITARO AND THE MILLENIUM CURSE among other films from Shochiku. Check after the break for full synopsis and trailer for the original X FROM OUTER SPACE!

"In the summer of 2008, the G8 summit is being held at Lake Toya, a beautiful resort near the volcano in Hokkaido. At the same time, the Chinese rocket falls into Japan, causing the monster to be born from the spore attached to the rocket. The monster, Guilala, moves toward the summit conference site for the pursuit of volcanic energy. Now the world leaders have to terminate Guilala to show their country's prestige. First mission is missile attack by Japan, then Italy, Germany and... Deadly combat between human beings and the monster from outer space continues, but just when everyone starts to give up, two journalists finds a strange group worshiping the traditional "idol" at the lakeside."

Monster X Strikes Back official site
via Kaiju Shakedown

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Avery (14 years ago) Reply

I don't think I've ever been moree excited about a new film coming out!!This is one of my all time favorite kaijus ever!!This movie's gonna rock!!!!

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