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Ichi is the redux of the Zatoichi blind samurai series, but this time it stars a woman and it's being done by Fumihiko Sori, the writer and director of the fantastic animation Vexille. Zatoichi is one of the longest running film/tv series in Japan and it's set in the Edo period (roughly 1600-1850 with shogun and all that). This is a reimagining. Check out the synopsis and teaser after the break.

"Ichi is a sole goze (blind woman singer) carrying only a shamisen (Japanese stringed instrument) and a walking stick, traveling on her own to find the man who has brought her up and cared for her as a child. People try to take advantage of the fact that she is blind, but Ichi fights back with her unusual skill with swords, using the sword hidden inside her walking stick. An incident brings her to meet Toma, who tries to save Ichi from the Banki-to gang, but ends up showing his awful skills in swordplay and is saved by Ichi in return. Ichi unwillingly starts traveling together with Toma, and comes upon the village, where the Banki-to gang, led by the inhuman heartless Banki, is taking charge. They also run into Toraji, who is the successor of the Shirakawa yakuz family trying to keep order of the village apart from Banki. Toma offers to help, but Ichi is uninterested, until she finds that Banki might know the man she was looking for. Now the deadly battle is about to begin."

Ichi teaser
via KFCCinema

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