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quietearth [Celluloid 04.21.08] post apocalyptic news

Hey hey folks, we got a special news item here, and that's MEGA-TON.US, the new social networking and news aggregation site which caters to the subjects we love most, all things post apocalyptic and zombies! Our very own Cyberhal interviewed founder Ken Reising to find out what it's all about, so check it out below, then head over and sign up!

Cyberhal: Are you a nuclear devastation, alien invasion, or deadly virus outbreak kind of guy?

Ken: Hands down, nukes. Even though I'm not 'Cuban Missile Crisis' old, I'm still old enough to remember the tail end Cold War, and Nukes were the big threat.. even though a Virus would have been more likely, it didn't seem to get as much air time.

Cyberhal: When did you first realize that we are all in grave danger?

Ken: When were we not? :]

Cyberhal: I see your site covers "Survivalism." Do you see the Mega-Ton as a way to help people prepare?

Ken: Maybe? There's a ton of fun sorta 'how to survival a zombie outbreak' stuff out there that, that should you follow it, you'd probably end up nothing but undead-snacks. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the piles and piles of Civil Defense that's now available online. Both would fit in the Survivalism category.. So it's up to whatever the reader wants to do with it.. it wouldn't be a bad thing though if they are able to garner good solid advice from it :]

Cyberhal: Favorite post apocalypse movie?

Ken: This is actually a tough one as no single film stands out, and I don't rank "PA Drama" in with "PA Funny".

Cyberhal: Favorite post apocalypse web sites?

Ken: In my opinion, for PA film you guys (Quiet Earth) definitely have it locked up

Cyberhal: How should we prepare for the Big One?

Ken: Well "What is the Big One" is a still the question on everyone's mind.. but the basics will always be the same.. Food/Water/Shelter. The concept of a 'Bug-Out Bag' seems to have been gaining a lot of popularity, and it's a fairly sound idea. Aside from that, Training/Education. Sounds dorky, but it doesn't have to be anything as rigorous as Boot Camp. Even the stuff in a Boy Scout manual would teach you enough that you could survive for a lot longer then the supplies in your bug-out bag will last.

Cyberhal: You've described the site as "Digg for PA/Zombie." Could you explain what that means?

Ken: "Digg" is a social bookmarking / new aggregation site, but caters to the Tech world by its nature. Because it's so popular, you find a lot of 'general' news on there these days. Mega-Ton is basically the same idea, but catered to the PA/Zombie realm.

Cyberhal: What inspired you?

Ken: "Necessity is the mother of all invention"... I found myself looking at RSS feeds from several sites daily.. and I thought "I can't be the only one that does this". So I decided to make it, hopefully, easier on everyone; people trying to get news, and people trying to get their news seen.

Cyberhal: How will you get the good word out about the site?

Ken: Ideally word of mouth, but also I want to make sure that content providers are aware of the resource

Cyberhal: Do you edit the content or just help organize it?

Ken: Just organize it. The content on Mega-Ton comes from all sort of other places on the internet, and isn't mine to alter. Content that comes in broken of course may be edited to make it function, like if an item is submitted with a bad link.

Cyberhal: Can we sign up now?

Ken: Absolutely. Please do!

Cyberhal: When do you go fully live?

Ken: The site should be fully functional at this time, but there are several things I want to finish up to make it easier on content providers. I hope to officially have it all completed by July 16.

Cyberhal: What happens if the apocalypse happens before Mega-Ton goes fully live?

Ken: Then I think we'll all have more important things to attend to, and Mega-Ton will have to take a back burner... at least until we rebuild.

Cyberhal: Thanks Ken, Mega-Ton is really cutting edge stuff. Good luck and watch out for the undead!

MEGA-TON.US website

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