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quietearth [Celluloid 04.21.08] zombies movie news comic

John Russo, writer of the comic series Escape of The Living Dead, is set to direct this thriller and apparently a company in Germany has already picked up the rights for international sale. The comic synopsis is: "1971: It's been three years since the blood-soaked night that the dead rose from their graves, attacking and devouring the living. Now, the legacy of that horrific and unexplained event is about to be unleashed once again upon an unsuspecting world... But this time, there may be no escape for those in the terrifying clutches of the cannibalistic, living dead! Hidden within the concrete walls of a secret medical research lab, someone has been studying the last remaining undead remnants of the marauding zombie army." So it sounds like it might be set in the Romero universe shortly after the events of NOTLD. Let's hope it turns out good.

via Gomorrahy

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Blake Faucette (12 years ago) Reply

Comic was okay. Hard for me to resist a zombie film, good or bad.


quietearth (12 years ago) Reply

Haha, us neither, why do you think we post all of these? heh

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