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quietearth [Celluloid 04.19.08] movie news thriller noir

Roughly translated, this means something about "Devil of my party". If any of our Spanish speaking readers could provide a better translation and a synopsis as theirs not much info to be had, we'd greatly appreciate it. This film is from writer director combo Carlos Esteban and Juan Felipe Orozco and it looks like it's skedded for March 2009. Twitch mentions something about a possible noir thriller, I hope they are right! Trailer following.

Saluda Al Diablo De Mi Parte official website
via Twitch

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Tallquasimodo (14 years ago) Reply

The title is closer to "Greeting my Evil Half", or Greeting the devil Inside Me" Not my first language and I'm a bit out of practice, so I'm having a bit of trouble making out the rhyme, but the last line is "el diablo está aqui", or "the devil is here" Looks pretty cool to me.


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

Nice, thanks tallquasimodo!


Djablo (14 years ago) Reply

It's more "Tell the Devil I said hello" …


qtarantino (14 years ago) Reply

a better translation will be:

"Give my regards to the Devil"

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