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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.17.08] movie trailer news horror

Those lucky horror hounds over at STYD scored exclusive trailerage for Greg McLean's Crocodile creature feature Rogue and, while I can't say I've seen a Croc feature worth raving about in recent memory, I've got high hopes for this bad boy. Of course the film has played elsewhere already and we've all seen the past promotional material but, with Third Rail Releasing letting it loose on the American public on April 25th, we can expect to see a whole bunch more. Full theatre listings for Rogue and the new trailer after the jump.

Synopsis: "Rogue finds actors Michael Vartan and Radha Mitchell scrapping with a giant croc during a riverboat cruise."

Here are the select cities that Rogue will be playing:

San Francisco
San Diego

You check out the trailer here

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