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quietearth [Film Festival 04.11.08] movie news drama

I've been keeping an eye on Joe Lia's first feature, Sweet Thing, for a while now, and after making my usual rounds last night stumbled upon news that it was accepted into the Seattle International Film Festival. I think this is great news, especially considering one of my personal favorite films, One Day Like Rain, premiered at this same fest last year. The subject matter is what got me interested, about two girls, one a hippie looking for answers in drugs, the other looking to find love who eventually meet up. It's a straight up indie drama feature, so check out the trailerage after the break!

"It’s summer and 19 year-old Liz sets out on a mission to find love while serving drinks at an espresso drive-thru in Seattle. Across town, a young hippie girl, Jody, seeks answers in drugs while shuffling papers at her father’s office. When Liz meets a graffiti artist and Jody ditches work to sell ice cream in an old green truck, they seem set for the time of their lives. But the summer takes an unexpected turn the day Jody pulls up to Liz’s coffee stand…"

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