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Simon Read [Celluloid 04.11.08] movie news horror

Horror veteran Dario Argento has announced production on his new film ‘Giallo’, which will star Oscar winner and disappointed sundial lookalike Adrien Brody (The Jacket) and his daughter Asia Argento (Land of the Dead). The plot goes like this: An American model Celine is kidnapped off the streets during fashion week in Milan and put through a series of terrifying, humiliating and painful ordeals, her sister Linda desperately recruits Inspector Enzo Lavia to find Celine before she suffers the same awful fate as the other beautiful victims. The term "giallo" means "yellow" in Italian and refers to the Italian pulp, horror and erotic genre of film and literature (all quite appropriate considering Argento’s oeuvre). Hats off to Mr. Brody who’s made an interesting choice by working on a horror/indie film after the big-budget CGI laden King Kong (but let's not forget the upcoming Splice) and especially by working with Argento (it’s been a while since Argento made a film worth screaming about). Jim Agnew and Sean Keller penned the script and even The Hollywood Reporter mentions how this may be the first time someone of Brody's calibre has starred in an Argento flick. Fingers crossed that this one hits the heights of the 67 year-old’s earlier work. Filming starts on May 12 in Torino.

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Space Chief (14 years ago) Reply

I hear Dario Argento is a notorious timbrophile. Should the world be told?


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

haha.. I had to look that one up. All that licking.. hmm maybe the world will care.

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