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quietearth [Celluloid 04.10.08] post apocalyptic movie news action

For those who don't know the firm reference (besides the obvious British usage), it's an album in story format composed of multiple rappers, including Nas. Plague World seems to be another old school 80's PA actioner brought into the future and is strangely reminiscent of Doomsday. It's set in 2034 in a post apocalyptic world full of violence and seems to revolve completely around gang activity. Check for further details and trailer after the break!

"In the year 2034 society has crumbled into a post apocalyptic wasteland, survivors fight for there lives in a world dominated by maniacle giants, with no police for or government left to control the streets Britain has become a no mans land rule only by the brutal gangs and crime syndicates that dare to inhabit the streets…. WELCOME TO PLAGUE WORLD…. A world of violence and territorial warfare were the only thrill is to be the heaviest outfit in Yorkshire, endless amounts of outlandish and bloodthirsty gangs compete to be the top firm and rule the lands with there thuggish brutality… Now a new super gang has emerged THE LEVIES and are quickly wiping out every other clique in Sheffield determined to take over Yorkshire and crush any opposition that stands in there way! The remaining gangs and crime syndicates have no choice but to call a truce and affiliate an alliance of the greatest legends of the age! get ready for the most epic battle Sheffield has ever witnessed! gangs clash! Skulls explode! And limbs are torn from there sockets as the most epic battle in the history of the century commences in PLAGUE WORLD!"

via PAUK

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agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

That, my friend, is a damn fine poster.


theo cane garvey (13 years ago) Reply

as writer and director of this feature i would just like to say ime very gratfull you guys reviewed and promoted this film thru ur websight, i dunno how u saw it, but respect is due to you guys for showing ur apriciation to a film that was shot for no money at all and tooka full year to complete!

Thanks alot!


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