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quietearth [Celluloid 04.07.08] movie news drama crime

Kaywan Mohsen's second feature, he pretty much made the entire film himself for under €14,000 on his laptop. Promoted as a "shocking film of a Denmark you don't want to see", the story revolves around a young refugee with no family or friends, that is until a group offers him a new life filled with sex, drugs and violence. The film just recently opened on 75 Danish screens with some heavy marketing and promotion. It's being repped by Trust Film Sales. Check after the break for full synopsis and trailer.

"Eye for Eye" gives insight into the world we live in, where brutal things happen right in front of us – only we don't see them. K, a young refugee whom nobody wants to deal with, finds himself alone in Denmark, no friends, no family, no age. All he has is a troubled memory of a religious warzone. Three new friends offer him a new life, albeit a life with crime, drugs, sex and violence. When a 16-year-old girl is raped, K convinces his friends to revenge her. Suddenly the gang finds itself caught in a chain reaction of above-the-law street fights and shoot-outs. A vicious circle of revenge has begun.

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