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quietearth [Celluloid 04.06.08] movie news horror

Using the let's make this look like a 60s film technique which is getting popular these days, Sea of Dust stars none other then special effects wizard Tom Savini in a tale they call "David Lynch meets The Brides of Dracula". I have to say the footage looks spectacular and the film takes its name from "the boundary separating reality from religious 'truth,' a boundary epitomized by Prester John's Sea of Dust. A stylistic tribute to the sixties work of Hammer Films and Italian genre director Mario Bava, Sea incorporates the Prester John myth into its heady stew of surrealism, social satire, and comic invention. SEA OF DUST is based on the real-life villain Prester John and his vengeful master plan -- to sacrifice the flesh of innocents on the altar of evil. Can he be stopped?" If you check out the trailer embedded after the break you'll see some great gore which is done by Josh Turi (Wendigo).

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