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quietearth [Celluloid 04.04.08] movie news horror

You read that right, the author of WORLD WAR Z and THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE will be making an appearance in the upcoming Film Satan Hates You which is being directed by James Felix McKenney and produced by Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix. SATAN HATES YOU is a throwback to the golden age of religious scare films which we announced quite a while back, and unfortunately we don't know much beyond that right now, but my hopes are high. The film also has Angus Scrimm and Reggie Bannister (both from Phantasm), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) and Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet). The film is currently in production with a shooting completion date of June and there will be more casting announcements to come.

Satan Hates You official website

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on the sound (13 years ago) Reply

I loved "A Thief in the Night" ,so I can't wait to see this! Add in Angue Scrimm too? HELL YEAH!!

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