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quietearth [Celluloid 04.03.08] zombies movie news action kungfu

We just got an update from Blake Faucette over at All Aces who informed us of a couple of things, and I gotta tell you these guys do low budget features which look right great, but unfortunately they haven't put any of them out yet! In fact, they have a couple of post apocalyptic films we're still waiting to see, but anyways we first off have a new traielr for Dogs of Chinatown which is a radical departure from what we saw last time. This one incorporates some digital gimmickry which gives it a sort of Sin City feel, but with color. Dogs of Chinatown is an artys gangster flick with some great martial arts and it's about a war between the Mafia and the Triad. The next thing they informed us about is a film they should start working on soon called WAR OF THE DEAD which features hi-tech body armor, weapons, and lots of zombies. They should have a short film up next week for us to take a look at, so check out the new trailer below the break!

Our original post on Dogs of Chinatown

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agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

The fight choreography in this looks out of control. Good stuff.

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