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quietearth [Celluloid 04.01.08] movie news scifi

Wow, is this the first hardcore genre film out of Bollywood? I don't know, but it obviously contains the pre-requisite love story for an Indian film. I can't find a synopsis, but the film has something to do with 2 lovers launching themself via a time machine into Mumbai in the year 2050. There's flying cars, sex robots, and all sorts of cool immersive video games. As this is still in post, this trailer does not include the final big budget effects, so take it lightly (but it's still amazing). Check it following.

via io9

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soma (14 years ago) Reply

there'll be a bollywood PA flick soon.


lianne (14 years ago) Reply

The guy at the end, isn't he the 'superman' character from Krsssh?

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