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quietearth [Celluloid 03.29.08] movie news horror

While this has been around for a while, there hasn't been much news, however today I just saw over at Dread Central that the website is now live and I checked it out. It has some more detail and some nice stills, but is still lacking a trailer, sticking with their old teaser which shows nothing more then a hand reaching down for a skull. But one thing I did notice which I had obviously missed before was that Angus Scrimm (Phantasm's The Tall Man) is in it which is no surprise. I Sell The Dead is done by Glass Eye Pix which also did the low budget PA scifi robot flick Automatons which we reviewed earlier this year. These guys really like Scrimm so expect to see him in a lot of their upcoming films. It also has a host of talent like Larry Fessenden (director of The Last Winter which I truly love) as well as Ron Perlman. I Sell The Dead is about two 19th century grave robbers who recount their lives. A longer description and link to the website are available after the break.

"19th Century justice has finally caught up with grave robbers Arthur Blake and Willie Grimes. With the specter of guillotine looming over him, young Blake does what many do when they prepare to meet their maker, he confesses his sins to a priest. Arthur recounts for Father Duffy his fifteen years as a young boy stealing trinkets from corpses to their rise as hunters and traders of those that just won't accept their place in the ground. The colorful and exciting history of Grimes and Blake is one filled with peculiar horror, and vicious professional competition that ends where it begins -- the grave!"

I Sell The Dead official website
via Dread Central

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