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quietearth [Celluloid 03.28.08] movie news scifi horror

This premiered last year in Spain but it's still running the festival circuit, and I have to say for a low budget film it's quite imaginative and stylish as well. It sports subtitles, some vicious looking attacks, and it's done in black and white. I want to see it! Check out the full synopsis and trailer following.

"Doc Hell, famous gynecologist, wants to control the entire world. His plan: to heal the humanity using a miraculous medicine, in exchange for its complete submission. But his goals will be compromised when an unexpected detail, García Nurse, seeks revenge. The killer sent to her annihilation has failed. Nurse, murderer, one neighbor's boyfriend, the building manager, and a handful of other nasty people will be all involved in a crazy madness under the secret bunker of the Doctor Hell."

Doctor Infierno official website

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