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Scheduled to play in the Danger After Dark lineup at the upcoming Philadelphia film festival is Epitaph, the directorial debut of the Jung brothers, and I have to say, it looks quite good. It seems even more so lately that Korea has taken over the horror crown that Japan used to have, but I digress. Set in 1942 it involves a whole host of staff who are tortured by things inside the hospital they work in, and descent into a dark abyss from which they may never return. The film uses very nice period elements as you'll see in the following stills and trailer, all after the break!

"EPITAPH begins in the year 1942: the Korean capital of Kyung Sung is occupied by the Japanese and the Anseng Hospital lies in the center of the city, representing the twin glories of Japanese Imperialism and western modernization. But mysterious things are happening at the hospital: An intern is bound by his parents to marry a girl whom he never met, but instead is romantically drawn to a corpse; A traumatized little girl, the lone survivor of a horrific car crash, is tortured by bloody visions and a married couple, who are doctors, desperately try to manage their colleagues’ behaviors but find themselves investigating a series of brutal murders. But as the stories unfold and obsessive loves are revealed, the hospital and its staff descend into a darker abyss which they may never return from."

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