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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.26.08] movie news short animation noir

Osbert Parker's Yours Truly won "Best Short" a the British animation awards this year and, after a quick viewing of only 5 minutes of the 8 minute piece, I can really see what all the hubbub is about. A veritable patch-work of different animation styles, the film is a burst of jittery Noir and a postmodernist's wet dream come true. By combining found footage with everything from stop-motion animation to hand drawing, Parker manages to take detris from the retro deadzone and given it fresh life within a new context and form.

This is experimental film at its most expressive and confounding, where the experience of watching overshadows the need for strong narrative or even basic coherence. I think Norman McLaren would be proud.

"Former glories are ripped from archive footage and reassembled in a surreal city of last century's detritus to tell the story of Frank and Charlie. In love with each other? In love with themselves? They see only one way out. But what will they sacrifice in order to save what they love the most in a world of forgotten people and abandoned morality, as characters break through yesterday's emulsion, forcing the two worlds to collide."

[EDITORS NOTE: We were asked to remove the link to clip of Yours Truly since it is not the finished product, so instead we've linked to the page of his other works, which includes a clip of his short Film Noir done in the same style and which is equally amazing!]

Osbert Parker works page

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